Angela Merkel Calls Vladimir Putin, Discusses North Korea

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning to call Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss matters over the phone regarding the issues involving North Korea. It appears the Pyongyang is not listening to other nations about stopping its nuclear and missile testing in the Asian region.

Merkel represents Germany as the primary Chancellor and worried about the issues lately.

From the shared news report online through, current German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to call the Russian leader to discuss matters over the phone about the issues involving the unlawful actions of North Korea. Both mentioned leaders are among the personalities involved at the high-level talks.

They all want to prevent North Korea from its uncontrolled nuclear and missile testing.

From the statement of Germany through Steffen Siebert, the government of Berlin assures full support in discussing matters to resolve the issues in a peaceful manner with war and ending the crisis appropriately.

Siebert is the spokesperson of Berlin and gave his statement during a news conference.

The German representative said, “That is why we have offered to be helpful in the search for new ways to de-escalate the situation,” as quoted by the news. He gave such statement a few hours before the start of the U.N. Security Council voting in related to the submitted and drafted resolution from the United States that requires to implementing new sanctions to the North Korean government.

Siebert continued that, “The only conceivable solution is a peaceful and diplomatic one. But to achieve such a solution, the pressure on North Korea must be increased.”

Before the scheduled telephone call of Merkel to the leader of Russia, the German Chancellor already talked to the other leaders such as United States, France, South Korea and Japan to discuss the issues.

Merkel is sincere in discussing matters with the involved leaders to prevent a devastating World War III, in case Pyongyang will never listen and continue with its wrongdoing.

North Korea is actually showing no respect to the members of the United Nation and to the world as well. It continues to test nuclear and missile in the Asian region without thinking about the potential consequences. According to the reported news, it tested another weapon last September 3 and Pyongyang denied that this is not dangerous weapon; rather, an ordinary hydrogen bomb only.

This kind of activity is alarming to the world and many are now condemning North Korea.

From the point of view of the German Chancellor, a good solution to consider with the nuclear program of Pyongyang is to adapt the similar guidelines set for Iran in 2015 with its nuclear program too. Merkel think that this is a helpful strategy to resolve the latest issues against North Korea through a peaceful or diplomatic talk.

If her idea succeeds, this is definitely the best way to prevent added conflicts. Many critics believe that the uncontrolled behavior and aggressive manner of Kim Jonh-un compliments to the ongoing crisis.

Jong-un is the current North Korean President who wants to intensify their nuclear power.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the rest of the involved leaders have the same mindset with Merkel and they do not want North Korea to force a war.

The courageous woman German Chancellor is one of the most prominent and longest serving leaders for the democrat in Germany and across the globe. According to the shared information through Reuters, she might be on her way to winning her term for the 4th time after this month’s election.

She is actually leading the surveys and a strong candidate for her position.


Credit image: Newsweek




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