Apple Submits New Patent Technology, To Contact 911 Using Fingerprint

Apple Inc. made a decision to file a patent on Tuesday to use an iPhone in a more discreet way when calling 911. The tech company reveals its latest advancement through fingerprint technology.

Based on the observation of the company, majority of the Smart phone users contact emergency services without requiring them to unlock the device.  According to the patent, it could be “readily apparent to someone watching” and “may not be practical,” as reported by USA Today.

If the approved the requested patent technology, future iPhone users may need to call emergency hotlines using a pre-determine fingerprint.

To illustrate a person who owns the device can use the thumb in unlocking the phone regularly and setting the index finger as the emergency indicator when contacting 911. In case the user need an emergency service, he or she can scan his or her identity through the index finger to alert 911 without even dialing the number.

A sequence of fingerprints can also be used to call 911.

From the shared information also about this latest report from Apple, it is also possible to execute predetermined sequence of motions or touches if a user pinched or pressed hard on the phone screen. With the right amount of force or pressure, the mobile phone alerts the 911, as detailed by the report.

When this kind of feature, it is easier for the responder of an emergency to verify the location of the phone call. With the new submitted patent of the popular tech company, the phone will have the capacity to feed live stream video or audio recording, according to the information of the patent.

Deleting sensitive data or information stored on the mobile phone is possible too.

On the other hand, Apple is not yet confirming if they will this latest technology for the  units on the market. According from the report of Bloomberg News through an unnamed reliable source, the giant tech company might not use it in the upcoming iPhones and may replace this kind of feature with the usual facial recognition.

Because the company aims to improve the security measures on its created mobile and smart phones, it is however serious in getting the approval of its latest patent technology to call 911 using fingerprint without revealing the identity of the caller.

According to the other reported news, Apple got 54 patent approvals by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday. This is aside from the latest patent when contacting 911 for emergency purposes, as detailed by the USA Today.

Some of approved patents include the iPhone Smart Dock with Siri, the capacity to detect exit from a particular vehicle, design patents for different products such as portable display with cover, earpiece, VoIP as well as Wi-Fi patents, and a lot more, the news added.

The featured program of this latest creation by Apple can bypass the lock screen authentication of the unit and may also send the exact location of the user to the authorized government agencies.

“The user may programme the electronic device to recognise input entered with a particular sequence of fingers, such as ‘pinky-ring-pinky’, as a command to make an emergency call,” as stated by the patent and quoted by the news online.

If the company gets the approval for this newest patented technology, it will be very helpful because it improve the safety of the person or user who made the call.

With this latest development from Apple, it is possible that the other popular mobile and smart phone producers will follow its step to make sure they are within the latest trend and the blooming telecommunication industry.


Credit image: Slideshare