New Massive Ransomware Attacks Petya, Hits European Region Anew

After the massive cyber attack caused by WannaCry, there is another huge attack online caused by the latest ransomware known as Petya. This particular issue is recently affected different banks, businesses, airports and other companies in the European region.

According from the news of Reuters, the investigation is ongoing but they cannot yet provide information on who is behind this another massive attack over the Internet. However, Group-IB suspects that this has something to do with the simultaneous attack in Ukraine and Russia to the targeted victims.

Group-IB is a security agency based in Moscow, Russia.

The report likewise revealed that this newest Ransomware attack might affect other businesses and companies based in America, Denmark and Spain.

From the affected countries, it appears that Ukraine is the most troubled victim because many businesses here are attacked by Petya. From the shared information, the municipal metro, Central Bank of Unkraine, Boryspil Airport in Kiev and the state telecome had compromised their systems after the attack.

Moreover, the attack forced the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to perform manual radiation monitoring and even some of the ATMs around the country.

Besides Ukraine, there are reports about the attacks in Russia affecting Damco (a logistic arm in Russia), Rosneft (an oil firm in Russia) and Maerks (a known Danish shipping line). On the other hand, the investigation does not yet confirm the extent of the damage caused by Petya. In the United States, some of the reported businesses and companies affected by the latest attack include DLA Piper (a law office in the US), Merck (a pharmaceutical company) and a hospital in Pittsburgh, as detailed by The Verge.

In line with this issue, there are concern people and companies that already posted their opinions about the attack through different social media websites.

Like Rosneft, it tweeted on Tuesday that the attack hit their servers and hoping it will not affect the court procedures. Ukraine’s Boryspyl Airport Director Yevhen Dykhne released his own statement saying that due to the hacking incident, there are possible delayed flights already.

He likewise stated as quoted by the news that, “We kindly urge you to be understanding, keep calm.” Adding that, “Current information about the departure times can be found on the scoreboard in terminal.”

Based on the statement of the chatter through Twitterverse, those people behind the attacks are demanding ransom money amounting to $300 (worth of Bitcoin) to their victims. In the included short message to the victims, they are urging them to send the payment through a particular Bitcoin Wallet ID in exchange for the installation key, according from the news.

The authorities and investigators from the different affected countries are checking the problem and monitoring the situation cautiously.


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