Because millions of people worldwide think about using quality reverse lookup service, most of the companies that offer this type of service compete greatly and so they want to provide the lowest cost service charges.  There are companies that promise free data or information and do not charge their clients expensively. To determine and choose the most dependable service provider, it is important to search properly and work with the best service that assures positive results and total satisfaction.

When talking about reverse look up service online, is one of the best. This helpful service provider maintains an advanced database to identify different calls and trace the origin of millions of active phone numbers in America. With the available services, many people who visit and use the services here can quickly resolve their fear when dealing with unknown calls, fake home addresses, bogus businesses and a lot more. This is one reason why it continue to capture the Interest of many problematic individuals.

White Pages Associated  

Mr. Number makes it easier to determine the best solutions with the help of a service provider like the White Pages. Because it has legitimate association with this company, it has an access to use a comprehensive phone database that reveals millions of contact information in Northern America. They also boast its great recognition as part of the top 10 mobile apps, aside from being recognized as one of the top 40 web-based properties.

For newbies in the industry of reverse lookup service, it is important to learn the functions of this offered service and must evaluate the released data. With this dependable service, it can assure quality information because it has legitimate connections with the advanced database of the White Pages. To mention a few of the interesting features of this reliable company, it presents different offices in America with more than 150 personnel, with almost 55 millions of visitors (Unique visits) monthly and link to over 1,000 corporate clients. This proves the popularity of the White Pages and many people visiting can benefit from the offered services.

Offers Phone Reputation API

This is a kind of service provided by the White Pages PRO and quickly detects the reputation levels (1-4) of phone calls. For example, a telephone number reaching the 4th level already needs complete investigation because this has usual connections to unknown spammers, prank callers or fake telemarketing agents already. After verifying the reported phone number, a user can determine if it is necessary to block the caller or not. With the available Phone Reputation API, it can ensure 97% accurate information and results after the process.


Visiting and using can help find useful data or information when identifying a person, tracing a phone number, verifying a cellular number, spam email address or even a fake residential address. Because this is a trusted company that offer quality reverse lookup service, it continues to become successful online. Just like any reverse lookup services online, Mr. Number has imposed terms and conditions that all registered users need to follow.


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