FTC Issued Warning about Phone Call Scam, Involved Bogus Equifax Employees

Credit reporting agency Equifax just recently experienced the biggest data breach history in American due to the compromised personal information of almost 143 million of United States citizens. Unfortunately, the company is again involved in an issue about bogus or scam phone calls that come from fake Equifax employees.

Because of this issue, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) already issued an important notice or warning to the consumers about this fraudulent phone call. According to the published information online through the FTC, Equifax does not use telephone to contact their clients and make verification about their personal account data.

According from latest reports, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to remind the public in the United States about the unwanted fraud or scam phone call from bogus Equifax employees who are calling their targeted victims. The commission is warning the people to be more cautious when receiving such call because of the affected millions of information after the massive security breach involving Equifax.

The FTC is investigating about phone call scam because the intention of the bogus callers is to convince their victims about their personal data and presenting themselves as Equifax representatives. On this particular, it is very important for the public or American citizens to become aware of any suspicious call and be quick to contact the authorized government agency to report the problem at once.

As detailed by the thv11.com online, it is important for the people to determine the exact tips to prevent any transaction from someone is just making scam phone calls.

Don’t Trust Caller ID – most of the fraud callers represent themselves as company employees but they are not legitimate

If You Get a Robocall, Hang Up – it is important for a person to quickly hang up the phone if there is a suspicious recording and must not click a number because this immediately leads to different robocalls

No Personal Information – when someone over the phone talks like a clear fraudster or scammer, it is important for the person not to provide any personal data or information to avoid scam

The FTC last Thursday already began its own investigation about the recent data breach involving Equifax and the almost 143 million of data from American citizens. The commission intends to establish the best results because it is very important to prevent more exposure from the affected data since the breach.

From the official website of the commission also, it posted some of the important reminders that the scam caller may use to fool their targeted victims. As detailed by the clark.com, these are the following situation as published by the FTC:

  • Ring, ring
  • You: “Hello?”
  • Caller from the other line: “This is Equifax calling to verify your account information”

This is a clear bogus call and must be avoided at all.

Even though the commission has no authority to file a legal case against the credit reporting company, the result of their investigation can help much in making a conclusive legal settlement with the Equifax to make sure the affected individuals have the right protections.

The FTC wants all affected US citizens and the public to be cautious because there are countless of phone scammers who continue to bother their targeted victims across America. Based on the observation of the agency, the fake Equifax callers are illegitimate and it is advisable not to deal with them over the phone.

As detailed through arstechnica.com, FTC is informing the readers that such callers are not legitimate Equifax employees and the calls are scam because the Atlanta-based credit reporting agency will not call their consumers.