TCL Communications Unveils Newest Blackberry Motion Smartphone

Blackberry recently introduced its newest Smartphone under the manufacturing of TCL Communications (a known Chinese company), which has now the license to produce Blackberry handsets.

The new Blackberry Motion Smartphone features a full touch screen element that runs using the Android 7.0 Nougat (Operating System from Google) and measures 5.5 inches for an easier access. According to the news through, TCL Communications revealed the unit at the recent GITEX Technology Week held in Dubai last Sunday.

It aims to market the thousands of Smartphone enthusiasts in the Middle East, particularly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Chinese company is now producing its third Android mobile phone with this Blackberry Motion and it followed the DTEK50 and DTEK60, which TCL released on the market last year already. This latest full touch-screen device has not keyboard and this is the reason why it makes the Motion Smartphone interesting.

Aside from its 5.5 inches LCD Display screen, it features a powerful on-a-chip Snapdragon 625 System, has a 4000mAh battery (huge enough than its counterparts) and a perfect choice for business-minded people out there. Surely, the huge capacity of its battery makes it comfortable for the use to enjoy the device all day long.

The rear camera is just a typical 12 megapixel with dual-tone LED flash, yet the other features are important such as the 32GB Internal Memory, 4GB RAM and already an IP67 Water Resistant device.

Based on the reported price of this latest innovative Blackberry handset, it will costs about $460 (1,700 Dirham) and goes on-sale in the Middle East before they will produce more units for the planned US market later on. TCL still need to determine its final price value for worldwide market and on when they will launch the unit globally.

This is actually the best opportunity for Blackberry to conquer the market again because since the continuing advancement of Apple and Samsung, it somehow struggled to meet the demand of the tight competition in terms of Smartphone manufacturing.

Apple and Samsung had been competing greatly and improving their earnings.

If this latest creation of TCL makes a huge impact to many Smartphone users, it can definitely help in lifting the earnings of the company and provide a decent report this year.

According to the shared information through, Blackberry somehow picked up its earnings this 2017 compared to what it earned in 2016. However, it still needs to cope up with the tight competition because many Smartphone makers today are consistently developing new inventive devices to meet the satisfaction of worldwide consumers.

Going back to the latest Blackberry Motion, it has the necessary security apps for an interesting handset and likewise features a fingerprint sensor just like the newest iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The recent unveiling of the Blackberry Motion Smartphone at the GITEX Technology Week last Sunday in UAE proved that the company is serious in meeting the expectation of millions of Smartphone users today. However, it still needs to level or exceed the expectations of these people to become more competitive for worldwide market.

Many believe that the craze for the best Smartphone units now is higher and majority of the mobile phone makers are developing and producing the most suitable handsets for their valued users. Of course, one of the key in achieving success is to provide these people a device that can access them to the Internet conveniently.

There are also expert reviews that believe a powerful Smartphone with high quality easily capture the interest of many people. The overall design is just a secondary feature, but is as well plays a huge role to help the company succeed.

Definitely, the latest creation of TCL Communications with the branding of Blackberry is another great example of the advancing technology.


Credit image: Evleaks/Twitter